Superb Suspense Telugu Movie So Far

The most courageous of movie fans should only watch thrillers.

Thrillers are full of conflict, surprise turns, and tensions that keep you on the edge of your seat rather than the blood and gore of many horror movies. Even better, thrillers may cause viewers to become anxious, terrified, and apprehensive to the point that they begin to doubt their reality, relationships with others, and even themselves.

Discover the trending Thriller Telugu movies below to spend some time viewing!


The professor, Srimannarayana, runs into Janaki while rescuing her from goons. He cannot tolerate unfairness. Following some discoveries from his grandma, he quickly returns to his hometown. What did he learn? And what is “injustice” to him? Watch out for this action-thriller to know more!


When you get the chance, think about viewing this movie! Sulthan embarks on a mission to change his father’s supporters and save a village after his father’s untimely death. The remainder of the narrative reveals his subsequent journey. Quite intriguing, huh?


As a military officer pursues a terrorist, the two start playing a series of mind games. If you’re looking for the ideal fusion of action, thriller, and emotional sensations, consider viewing this film!

4-Saptagiri Express 

Actor Saptagiri is coerced into taking up his late father’s position. However, he later learns the horrible truth about what caused his father’s death. He is prompted to seek revenge for this.

Check out this movie if you want to laugh while watching a thriller!


Vangeeviti was assassinated by his detractors. The story’s plot is about how the two family members murder one another.

Would you like an emotional thriller? Watch this movie right away!


A young police officer is forced to look for answers after accidentally landing a mysterious case involving the kidnapping of a girl.

If you prefer the emotional bringing in your action movies, this one could become your favourite!


A local gangster named Shiva is unrelenting in his efforts. Because by standing up to the injustice they face, he has gained the respect and love of the people.

If you want some romance in your suspense Telugu movie, watch Pogarau!


When Nana Bhai learns about Raghuram’s proof against his criminal operations, the latter murders him. As an adult, Rajaram assumes the identity of the shadow to seek revenge on his father.

9- Bhamakalapam 

In the Bhamakalapam movie, Anupama is a nosy neighbour, a meddling mother, and a bossy wife. She starts to suspect that the neighbour killed his wife. Despite her attempts to flee, Anupama is unsuccessful. What follows is the focus of the Bhamakalapam movie.

The bottom line 

The top thriller movies, which will have you biting your nails the entire time, have been put into the list above. All you need is an aha subscription to watch all the suspense Telugu movie!

May 2024

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