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The tasks and duties involved in carrying a project might occasionally be unclear. When responsibilities are not defined challenges; hold people accountable for their deeds. Ensuring the efficient and effective completion of projects and business is crucial to understanding who is responsible for what and establishing a system for holding individuals accountable. Utilizing the  powerpoint raci matrix template is one approach to achieve this.

Steps for Making a RACI Matrix Chart

If you were the RACI facilitator, you would begin by listing all of the project-related tasks on the left side of the chart in the order in which they just finished. The stakeholders for the project would be listed second on the chart in  powerpoint raci matrix template.To identify who is accountable, responsible needs to be consulted, or informed for the various actions, you would then distribute the acronyms in the cells.

Guide to RACI chart definition

You can quickly see the meanings of the RACI acronym and how many individuals to put in each role in your RACI matrix with the help of this specific chart.


This team member puts in the effort necessary to finish the job. A minimum of one Responsible party is required for each assignment, though you are free to assign more.

more raci diagrams here


This individual delegated the task and was the last to examine the deliverable before it was accepted as finished. The Responsible party may also be the Accountable party for specific duties. Just make each task or deliverable given to one Accountable person only.


Review and consultation from more than one team member reinforce each deliverable. Parties who have consulted are often those who offer opinions based on the delivery itself or how it will affect their future project activity.


Instead of including these team members in the specifics of each deliverable, they only need to inform about project progress.

Make Sure the Chart Doesn’t Have Too Many or Too Few Rs.

Some people excel at what they do, and then some may be less productive or who may not have a stellar reputation for completing tasks. It implies that those seen as the most trustworthy may receive more labour than is reasonable. However, it shouldn’t be expected of efficient people to compensate for the shortcomings of others. Instead critical to make the team effective enough to complete the task hand. A person must be given an excessive number of Rs (responsibilities) in the RACI chart.

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