What Parents Need to Know About Screen Time for Toddlers


Preschoolers these days are becoming more and more exposed to gadgets. It cannot be denied that sometimes, letting them have their screen time is the only way for some parents to also do chores at home. Now some parents are asking, how much is too much when streaming movies at home? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Screen Time Recommendation for Toddlers

If you have kids that ages 2 to 5 years old, they can be allowed screen time but only for 1 hour per day. It should not be just anything that they would like to watch on television, but content that is highly educational. So when looking for movies or shows that they can watch, make sure that you have taken the time to screen them first before you allow your kids to view them.

Screen Time Tips for Parents

Leaving kids with their gadgets or in front of the television for too long is not good for them. This way, you are not only controlling your child’s screen time but also the content that they are exposed to. Here are some tips that can help parents with their children’s screen time.


  • Spend Screen Time With Kids. When it’s time for your toddlers to watch a movie or their favorite TV show, take the time to spend it with them. This is your chance to bond with them and guide them as they enjoy their screen time. You are able to explain scenes and languages that may be confusing for young children.
  • Research Movies for Kids. There are plenty of movies and shows that you can let your kids watch these days. And now that almost everything can be accessed on the internet, you use it to your advantage. Take time to research the movies that you can watch with them. This way, you are sure that it’s appropriate for their age and does not include scenes that are not suitable for young audiences.
  • Schedule Screen Time. For preschoolers, setting a schedule for their screen time is crucial. Having a pattern works best for young children. This way, you prevent unnecessary screen time without your supervision. You are also sure that you are aware of what they watch online. Be strict with the recommended time that you can let them watch a movie or a television show.

If you are looking for quality movies for kids, then take the time to visit 123movie online. It is crucial that you find movies and shows that your toddlers will enjoy. As you can see, they only have very limited screen time as recommended by experts. That is why it is important that when they are given the chance to watch their favorite movies, then it should be worth it.

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