Important Things to Check Out When Choosing Office Paint Colors

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A workplace area thrives on high energy and positivity. It is observed in different studies that the colors make a vast impact on our emotions. Thus, it is important to paint the office walls with right shade and color scheme. No matter whether you must opt for the intense hue or calm and pastel shade for office walls generally depends on nature of the office work and its participants. Thus, if you’re looking for the best office painters and decorators london, here are some important points to consider.

Color Affects Positivity and Productivity

It is not enough to just pick the perfect shade. Different colors will motivate different people. Thus, you have to consider type of work done in the office. After that you can select the best color or color combination.


It is the universal color that is known for increasing positivity and productivity. This brings out feelings of calmness & helps people to stay focused on the task given.


If your employees have to work for long hours, then you must consider painting the green walls. It’s a color that won’t cause eye stress.


Suppose you have got creative types and those who want to get inspired then you must consider using yellow in the decor. This has got uplifting qualities as well as helps the people to be a little more creative.


If your employees have to stay active physically, paint your walls red!  Red color naturally increases heart rates & overall blood flow of the people. It will invoke feelings of strong emotion and passion.

Consider Natural Light in Your Workplace

Lights highly impact your choice of colours & brighten up the space. Rooms without or very less penetration of the natural lights might call for the lighter hues while rooms with lots of sunlight penetration will benefit from the combination of the dark pastel tones. This very important to test the sample before getting painting done to know how the final result may look like when light reflects colors & change appearance of a few shades.

Stay on brand

It is very important for the companies to pick a brand & communicate the brand message or may risk being lost in the sea of competition. This is very important to consider brand’s colors while thinking of the office painting ideas.

It can be done just by covering up your furniture & upholsteries by the clean dust sheets and they will not get splashed with paints and get dirty.

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