Dear Friends,

This is a difficult letter to write. As you may know, the 5-Points area is being developed. Last week, out of the blue, a business investor called me with an offer I could not refuse for the property on Pratt Ave, the site of Emma’s Tea Room. I turned the call over to the fabulous Lou Sams of Legends Realty, and she was able to bring me a great contract. Our last day of business will be Saturday, September 3rd.

I will miss all of my dear customers and the wonderful, happy business of Emma’s Tea Room. I have been so honored for the past 11 years to share in so many happy and meaningful, even sometimes sad events. From birthday parties to bridal showers and wedding receptions to baby showers and retirement parties to memorial services, it has been my goal to always provide the best service possible to make your events beautiful and memorable. 

I will take a few months off to visit some friends and family I never seem to have time for. I honestly don’t know at this time what the future holds, but I know I will carry in my heart happy memories that you have all helped create. I greatly appreciate all of your business & friendship, but most especially your understanding as I pursue God's call to go in a different direction. May God richly bless each one of you, as you have blessed me.

Rebekah Klein

Emma's Tea Room

401 Pratt Ave. NE

Huntsville, AL  35801