More About The Right CBD for Horses

Since Proposition 64 in California, written for horse owners’ safety, local and state governments have been demanding more clarification on which CBD oils are safe for use on their equines. 


With these laws further restricting the sale of CBD products for horses and exploring their potential health effects, many groups were left wondering what is the best CBD oil to use on horses. That’s where we come in! This article is a comprehensive guide to popularly available forms of CBD oil explicitly intended for horses. It will take you through topics such as where they come from, how they can be produced, their THC content, and the methods used to derive them.


Many companies’ ultimate goal is to ensure that their CBD oil is safe and of the highest quality. We will look at how they achieve this and how, if relevant, their CBD oil is tested for transparency and purity. And what other health benefits it may offer.


It’s important to note that no two equine owners or veterinarians are going to agree on the best type of CBD oil for horses, so we have presented the options in a way that summarizes the opinions.


1. Full Spectrum CBD Oils


Full spectrum oils are the highest quality forms of CBD oil available today. These contain all the cannabinoids found in cannabis and all its extracts, including non-psychoactive terpenes and flavonoids, which provide many health benefits. They are great for overall health, but their high THC content and large amounts of vaporizing distillates (the main cannabinoids found in the plant) mean that they are not recommended for horses. The consumption of these products can cause severe side effects such as drowsiness or, even worse, respiratory distress (dyspnea) and inflammation that can result in cardiac arrest or death.


2. Broad Spectrum CBD Oils


Broad-spectrum oils do not contain high amounts of THC but are still high in some terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. They are low in the psychoactive delta-9-THC and may include other beneficial cannabinoids, but the amounts present are insufficient to cause a positive drug test for horses. Their THC level is less than 1%. As such, they are entirely legal to possess and feed when used appropriately. A recent study has shown that these oils play a significant role in helping horses manage post-exercise pain, anxiety, and stress.


3. CBD-Rich Hemp Oils


Hemp oils are made from seeds and stalks extracted under extensive heat (the “decarboxylation” process) to remove the high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. The residual plant materials would otherwise be decarboxylated before use. These oils are not as effective in bioavailability as full-spectrum oils, which means they may have lower effects on equine health. However, because they don’t contain THC, they can be fed and even used for competition under the right circumstances.


June 2024

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