Application of epoxy resin

Epoxy materials were widely known around the world from the middle of the last century. But recently the nature of their application has changed significantly.

Traditional use of epoxy resins is carried out in the following areas:

Concept hardener

The epoxy blend includes two components. When they mix, the polymerization process occurs. In this case, the curing component is called a hardener epoxy concrete overlay.

With different combinations of resins and hardeners, a variety of epoxy compositions are obtained.

Tertiary amines, phenols and their analogues are used as curtains. The relationship between resins and epoxies and hardeners has wide limits and they depend on their composition.

Epoxy resin is the so-called reactoplastic, that is. The reaction between epoxy resins and resins and hardeners is irreversible. Frozen resin will not dissolve and will not melt like thermoplastic.

Resin and hardener

With an excess or disadvantage of the hardener in the epoxy composition can lead to negative consequences : Reduces strength, as well as resistance to heating and to additives and active chemicals. With insufficient level of hardener, the product can become tacky due to unrelated epoxy. Below the excess level of the free hardener, there is a gradual excretion on the surface of the polymer. In modern compounds, the ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 1 has been increasingly found.

Preparatory work for the application of the epoxy resin

Regardless of the type of surface, when using the epoxy composition, a number of rules for high-quality adhesion should be observed:

Advantages and advantages of epoxy resins

Epoxy resin has great advantages over similar materials:

high strength adhesive compound;

withdrawal of minors;

the minimum permeability of moisture in a harmonious form;

greater stability and wear resistance;

excellent physical-mechanical properties and parameters.

Epoxy adhesive. Its properties and application

Epoxy resin has gained fame as a glue.

Epoxy resins often go to create special protective layers and to bond parts with a non-porous surface.

What can be glued with epoxy glue

In universal glue, special epoxy compositions with high adhesion to different materials are usually used, as a rule.

Epoxy glue is considered a versatile and reliable means, due to the high-quality coupling and strength of the connection. This glue is used in different spheres, starting with shoe workshops and ending with machinery and aircraft.

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