How To Get Your Gravity Bong Flip – A Hands-On Guide

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Looking for that perfect lighting effect on your next project? Look no further than your gravity bong flip. The gravity-blasting substance is a mixture of ice, carbon dioxide, and water that freezes into a single point when touched. When you first put it on, the surrounding area around it appears to spin around and around. It’s like having your gravity bar machine but at home! If you’re looking to get the most out of your new bong, check out these tips on how to get your flip — and why you should never use another Gravity Bong.

What Is a Gravity Bong? 

A gravity-blasting substance is just that: a substance made from the movement of two or more substances that create an “area of influence” (AoI) around it. Its natural state is ice; however, when it comes in contact with water it becomes a liquid and, frozen and solid at the same time. This combination of factors results in a gravitational force being felt around the bong. When you first lay your eyes on your gravity-blasting substance, it will seem as though it is rotating around you as you move in front of it. This is called the “flipping” effect.

How to Get Your Gravity Bong Flip – A Hands-On Guide 

We recommend using a physical model of your gravity bong as opposed to a digital device. This way you can see how the handle, bowl, and all the other pieces interact. Once you have the model in hand, you can easily, and quickly, test out various settings and levels of pressure on the handle. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start experimenting with different blends of ice, water, and carbon dioxide. While you’ll never get the same kind of lava flow that you might get from a traditional bong, you can still get a real feel for how the bong works with the right gauge of salt and pepper.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Another Gravity Bar Machine 

Now that we’ve gotten your head off the basics, let’s move to the good stuff. Why should you never use another gravity bar machine? Well, for one, you’d be doing your part to further global warming by making the air out of which you breathe denser. And second, it would be doing your part to promote more oil production by increasing the amount of carbon in the air. Plus, you don’t want to get your hands on another carbon monoxide and heat sensor.


With so much room for improvement in the efficiency and safety of modern lighting effects, it can be easy to forget about the additional risk of accidentally putting yourself or your device in danger. And that is exactly what happens when you use the wrong light source, intensity, or combination of both.

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