Is There Any Way to Increase the Levels of NAD?

The NAD’s have deep ties to some important processes that help to maintain our cells from dying very quickly. This has led to a huge amount of research on how one can increase NAD+ levels in our body. There are quite a few ways to improve production and it includes:

NAD Supplementation – Human body can produce NAD+, however, finding the NMN supplement from a trustworthy producer who guarantees purity is the best way of improving is levels in our body.

Dietary regimen – Going on high fats and low carbohydrates diets, like Atkins-style or keto diet, helps to promote ketosis. When our body is in the ketosis state, our body absorbs fat for energy rather than glucose. And it is best for increasing the NAD+ to NADH ratio and helps to protect the body from oxidation.

Following intermittent fasting – Practicing calorie restriction and fasting for long hours isn’t generally advised for adults, it is observed that intermittent fasting shows the same results. Choosing intermittent fasting is a good way to make your body go without eating for a longer time, and increasing the levels of NAD+ like ketosis.

It is very important to know that high fat-diet is not advisable if you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In the same way, fasting is not advisable for adults having some kind of medical condition or is not able to continue for a long time. Therefore, NMN powders and other NAD supplements are found as the safest and convenient way of promoting higher NAD production.

How’s NMN Synthesized?

Our body produces NMN as a form of vitamin B and this enzyme can make NMN in your body called nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase.

And NAMPT connects nicotinamide to the sugar-phosphate PRPP. NMN supplements are produced from the ‘nicotinamide riboside’ with an addition of the phosphate group.

As an important part of the cycle of degradation and production, the enzymes take the results of the protein’s degradation as well as put this back in a similar production line of protein. This is how NM synthesizes in your body.

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