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Many ardent fans of cinema nowadays prefer to watch Indian movies online. Besides, there are so many reasons for doing so. Whatever the reason, watching your favorite movie at home is a satisfying experience. And the aha OTT platform helps you watch all your favorite movies in your comfort zone. You can even invite your friends, relatives, and neighbors to enjoy a good time.

Talking about watching films at home on the OTT channel, one good choice is the movie Amaram Akhilam Prema. Let’s discuss some facts about the film that make it worth watching.

The film Amaram Akhilam Prema is a 2020 Telugu-language romantic drama written and directed by Jonathan Edwards and produced by Vivaskad Prasad. The film stars Vijay Ram and ShivshaktiSachdev with Naresh, Annapurna, and SrikanthIyengar in supporting roles.

Akhila (ShivshaktiSachdev) is a young girl who studies engineering in Kakinada. She moves to Hyderabad to prepare for the civil services exam. Amar (Vijay Ram) is an aspiring musician who falls for her and focuses all his attention on her. The thing to note is that her father very much pampers Akila.

The film is about why Akhila moves to Hyderabad and what makes her fall in love with Amar; you have to watch the movie to know about all the circumstances that lead one to the other.

Amar pretends to be everything from cable man to electrician and water boy to get Akhila’s attention. He follows her, and his weird attempts to win her will make you sympathetic. He finally expresses his love to her, and Aquila also tells him about her dark past.

Shivshakti deserves praise for playing her role with subtlety, and Vijay Ram gives a good performance. Srikanth gives a commendable performance. Amaram Akhilam Prema makes it well worth watching with its story and performance.

Written and directed by Jonathan Edward, the trailer and music album climbed high on the popularity charts. RasulEllore handled cinematography while Radhan composed the music and Amar Reddy did the editing.

Radhan’s songs and background score are pleasing, while RasolEllore’s visuals are breathtaking. Writer-director Jonathan Edward chose the story of a girl torn between her father’s affection and her true love. The director was able to come up with some good dialogues and made it quite attractive.

Overall, Amaram Akhilam Prema is a neat and clean, entertaining film that can be watched at home whenever you want. The biggest advantage of watching movies at home is that it gives you a satisfying experience.

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