The Efficient And Effective Time Recording System

The Efficient And Effective Time Recording System

Wylas timing system is a wireless, automated, affordable timing system that was developed in 2013. This is very new and efficient equipment used to keep track of the swimmer’s time records. Earlier people used to track time using stopwatches, it will be filled in a sheet as paperwork and the results will be calculated manually. But with this latest timing system, the process becomes easier and more accurate. It is a fully wireless machine designed to eliminate the pool deck cables, the pain of the swim clubs. It does not require an internet option and comes with a router so that all devices can connect to this offline during the meet.

The wylas timing is well equipped, fast, and affordable technology that integrates with all the meet and event management software like Hyteek and splash to increase the speed and avoid transcription errors. It is a stopwatch timekeeper application that integrates with wylas wireless timing system to automatically record the timing of the race. It imports the entries from meet software and synchronizes the watches for all devices. The device is connected to a recorder to display the details of the current race, lane, swimmer, and race clock thru a clear visual user interface. It has numerous colors, layout, guiding sound, and vibration to present the player information. The race time will be transmitted to the recorder and scoreboards when the timekeeper is stopped. It is designed to run on tablet-sized to large screens.

It supports up to 10 lanes and each lane can support three timers. There can be three chief timekeepers for a meet and it can nominate, assign, and record times of any lane. It is customized to provide support for any size of meets which can be small or large. Once the event is finalized, the “event result button” will be enabled so that the results will be displayed in the timing recorder and scoreboards. The results will be exported back to meet management software. Scoreboards can display the lane, position, and all the configured information. In an event, multiple scoreboards can be configured to display the results of the different lanes.

They are operating as a software-centric approach by allowing the user to update the software at no additional cost. The battery will last for 7 hours and if you have an additional requirement, backup spare ones can be purchased.


  • Ease of use and can be purchased at affordable price.Assembling the equipment is simple
  • Automated, wireless device to reduce the network trafficandRemoves manual human errors
  • Reduce frustration by showing the instant score and result.
  • Simplifies the resulting process
  • More reliable and comes with off-the-shelf hardware, 12 watches, 2 displays, and a router.
  • It comprises of components like starter android, recorder web application, recorder web server, timekeeper and visual display interface
May 2024

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