Why trophies are important

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You might think that in a sports competition or any other event, giving a trophy is something symbolic and nothing more. But really, what you have to know is that we are dealing with something bigger than that. A symbology that goes far beyond the fact of having an object.

What does it mean to give a trophy in a competition

There are trophies that are not simple objects and that there is a story behind them. That is why they are so desired by people since they represent many things. An example of this may be the service award or trophy for winning a Football League such as the World Cup. But there are also trophies with a great track record and history behind them that are not related to sports. This is the case, for example, of the Nobel Prize or similar.

Sometimes, beyond the fact of who has previously won the award, there is a story in its making. Something like this happens, for example, with the UEFA Champions League Cup, where his engraver spent about 340 hours initially to make the first trophy. Many more trophies which are well known and famous are present in the world and many may be thinking why to give trophies instead of other items. For them understanding how important and prestigious the trophy is important to know.

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When it comes to a trophy as special as the one mentioned, the original trophy is not owned by the winner, but a replica is given. This is precisely to safeguard your history. In the case of the Champions League, for example, it is necessary to win the cup five times or three in a row to have the real trophy, otherwise replicas will be installed in the museums of the football clubs.

The replica trophies are exactly the same, only they are made of a lower quality material.  All this makes us see that there are trophies that over time take on their own personality and importance. They have a meaning that transcends the material, and the prestige and honor of receiving it is much greater.

For this reason, trophies are something important, because they are a reward for an effort, a constant struggle and a memory for life.

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