Is Partial Truckload Better for Your Business?

Increased efficiency:

Being a business owner getting in world of the shipping and e-commerce, you might have heard about “partial truckload shipping” to come up many times. With a lot of other logistical terms, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and lost. Nothing to worry, in this post, we will tell you what all you want to know about the partial truckload shipping, which includes if Rhenus Logistics is appropriate for your e-commerce business and when you can best use it.

Advantages of the partial shipping

When you want to ship freight, sometimes it is uncommon to find partial shipping on an offer. It is because not many people request this, maybe because of ignorance and because FTL and LTL are their primary way the shipments are delivered. But, if you have rightly recorded dimensions of the shipment and realize PTL is the viable choice, there are a lot of advantages to this shipping mode.

Quick delivery times

Whenever you choose to ship partial truck load, your shipment will be placed on one single truck and isn’t touched till it comes at its destination. It is the primary distinctions between the PTL and the LTL shipping. Suppose you ship freight by using LTL, often it is moved from one truck to another along your way to the destination.

Quick shipping time is a way where PTL is quite similar to FTL. Especially for the business owners looking for the quick delivery, often it is second fastest of 3 delivery options out there.

May 2024

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