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If you have ever been in construction and have a passion to help make the world a better place, then please read on for some information about how you can do just that! construction clean up in Miami, FL is the term used when companies or individuals are tasked with clearing away waste from construction sites. This can include anything from old tires and broken concrete to rotted wood and fallen branches.

Construction Clean Up in the United States

The construction clean up industry in the United States is a $45 billion dollar a year business. With so much money changing hands, it is no surprise that there are numerous companies and individuals who make their living by cleaning up construction sites. The number of companies operating in this field is hard to know because many do not advertise. They also tend to change names as they purchase each other out or merge with other companies.

Construction Clean Up Jobs

Construction clean up jobs are varied and plentiful. The top paying jobs include general laborers, heavy equipment operators, material handlers, and dump truck drivers. The more skilled construction clean up workers are the ones who perform tasks such as operating cranes and cement mixers. These positions are usually filled by individuals with previous experience in construction or related fields.

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Where Can I Find a Career in Construction Clean Up?

There are no specific educational requirements for construction clean up jobs required. However, many companies and individuals do prefer to hire those who have at least some experience working in the construction industry. You can find construction clean up jobs through newspaper and online job searches or by checking out your local community colleges or vocational schools.

Construction Clean Up Salaries

In today’s economy there is little difference between the salaries of construction end service workers and other types of employees. The average construction clean up worker makes between $7 and $12 per hour. Salaries vary widely depending on experience, education and the company or individual that hires you.

What is Construction Clean Up Like?

Construction clean up is a dirty job but someone has to do it! The first thing that strikes most people about this line of work is how much trash there is for them to dispose of. Most workers spend up to 8 hours a day dealing with waste from construction sites in cities, towns and rural areas throughout the country.

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