A Brief Note on Cytology Centrifuge and Its Functions

A Brief Note on Cytology Centrifuge and Its Functions

Before knowing about the cytology centrifuge it is more important to know about cytology. Cytology is a branch of diagnosis study done on the extracted cells from the tissue or from the body fluid. In the healthcare industry, this cytology can be used for many diagnoses but is majorly used for cancer diagnosis. The sample obtained from the patients should be prepared properly for the diagnosis process hence that has to centrifuge and this can be done using the cytology centrifuge instrument. Anyway, this is not a specialized condition and is a normal process in research laboratories.

cytology centrifuge

Since it is an instrument better to know how to use this from a knowledge point of view. To prepare the cytology centrifuge smears the funnel kind of assembly needs to be mounted on the front side of the microscope glass slide. The fluid that wants to test is to be filled into the funnel. For a better diagnosis, the cellular structure should be preserved. Hence the above-mentioned assemble should be placed in the instrument called cytocentrifuge. This cytocentrifuge operates relatively at low force. By operating the instrument the loaded fluid on the funnel will be forced to move towards the opening of the funnel and starts to concentrate around the small areas of the glass slide. One cell thick monolayer is expected hence the process called centrifuge will support concentrating the cells accordingly. This way the sample allows for the analysis of the cellular structure.

If there is an instrument then they possess more applications to serve its purposes. At that point, if we look out the cytocentrifuge is used for many applications.

  • Cell count can be performed on the sample collected in the form of fluid. Serous, cerebrospinal fluid, and synovial are the common fluid used in this analysis.
  • Can be used to identify the microorganisms using the fluid collected.
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