Hair Extensions That Jazzes Up Your Look

Hair Extensions That Jazzes Up Your Look

The world of hair extensions is rife with products that promise to deliver distinct and unusual styles. But, in reality, most just serve as a temporary solution until your own hair falls out. And even then, they’re likely to be costly and discontinued before you can find something better.

Hair weft clip

A “weft” is a section of the hair that is attached to an elastic band in order to form a full head of hair. By holding your wefts, you can style your own hair. Also, it’s quick and easy to do since all you have to do is wrap the band around your head and pull it through, using as many as you need for added volume or length.

Hook and loop tape

This one usually comes in black. Loops are placed at the top of each extension piece and hooked together with a tape that runs down the middle of it, allowing you to easily secure them into your own hair. Move the two pieces of tape to and fro until they are securely attached.

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Clip on extensions

The idea behind clip in extensions is that, by simply snipping off a piece of hair, you can style it in numerous ways. Typically, there is a clip on that attaches your hair extensions in fort lauderdale and a plastic piece that holds the hair stem close to your scalp.

Hair clips

Hair clips are not only useful for holding your own hair; they can also be used to create different up styles with hair extensions. However, since most of these products come with their own set of instructions and parts, you’ll need an additional pair of hands or a friend to help you out when using this product line.

Extensions bows

These double sided, tapered pieces can attach to hair extension clips or other parts of different extensions. This makes it easier to shape your own hair, since you can just tighten it up with a clamp or hot glue gun. However, be careful with this type of product since, if you attach the wrong way, your hair will break and you’ll have to cut off the dried out clip pieces.

Hair clips with beads

Beaded clips, as the name suggests, have sparkling rhinestones or small beads attached to them. These are popular alternatives to normal hair clips since they make your hair extensions look more stylish and elegant. If you’re planning to use these products for a special occasion, be sure to coordinate the beaded clip color with the rest of your accessories.

Hot glue gun

If you’re using your extensions for a dance contest or a similar public event, a hot glue gun would be an excellent tool to use. Attach it to the base of your weft and let out some hair –not only will this give you more height but it will also add volume and texture to your look.

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