An award-winning designer of electrical products

An award-winning designer of electrical products


Founded in 1983, Transco is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative and specialized electrical products and systems. They are committed to providing clients with solutions for their electrical applications and power management needs.Everything from wiring a business structure to lighting a construction site and providing secure waterproof electrical connections can be accomplished with this system.

Transco has been in the business of designing and manufacturing electrical devices for more than two decades. The exciting products have been launched to the Australian market over several years, including Fast Connect sockets, high-grade weatherproof power points, switches, LED illuminated power points and controls, and many more.

The  producer of power outlets, switches, and many more


The company produces goods with the customer in mind while paying particular attention to specifications that correspond to the client’s needs. The company’s sincere efforts will deliver the finest goods and solutions to its customers based on their particular requirements. The firm maintains cordial business connections with its clients and adheres to ethical business practices in its day-to-day business operations. They welcome new customers with the assurance that they would be treated with trust and functionality.

For all switchboard requirements in both residential and commercial applications, Transco is a dependable choice. This includes single-pole devices to save switchboard space, one module slim RCBO and MCB, a main switch and enclosure, a surge protector and fuse, a portable rcd power outlet, as well as a temporary site power board designed for construction and demolition sites.

The companies are capable of providing the most appropriate solution for your most demanding applications. As a company, they try to live up to the promise of delivering a superior user experience. Research and development take up a significant amount of time and work. Still, it is essential that they understand the industrial requirements of Australia and how the goods may further improve people’s lives.

Transco has a team dedicated to meeting problems and generating new ideas by changing design and technology solutions, conducting research for comfort, security, and sustainability, and tailoring solutions to suit the needs of each market and customer. The Group makes significant investments in the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies and production methods.

This company provides a broad variety of electrical goods, emphasizing tools, lights, and data.Transco is a supplier of various electrical goods, emphasizing tools, lights, and data transmission.Associated with experts from multiple specialties within the sector, the company is pleased to provide customers with exceptional services delivered in a collaborative effort by the whole team. All workers work around the clock to guarantee prompt delivery of the goods.


Transco has the goal of bringing innovative designs and cutting-edge technology to the electrical outlet industry. Transco has introduced the Euro and Euro plus currencies. The Wafer series is the world’s most minor power outlet and switch, measuring just 0.3mm thick. The Neptune is revolutionizing the industry for outdoor/weatherproof electrical outlets and plugs. And now the Opal, edge-less glass appearance LED indicated push-button range with a push button range indicator.

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