Air Purifiers: How They Work And Benefits For Your Health

Air Purifiers How They Work And Benefits For Your Health

The constantly increasing levels of air pollution no matter where you are from is becoming a problem. In fact, the air outdoors is not the only thing to be worried about. Even the air quality inside your home should also be at safe levels for you and your family. That is why many are now investing in air purifiers. There are plenty of air pollution control products in the market these days, but air purifiers are the current trend.

Understanding How Air Purifiers Work

There are different brands and models of air purifiers today but all of them function the same way. It’s just that some of them have features that others do not have. These air purifiers have a filter or multiple filters that are usually made of paper, fibre, or mesh. And also, it has a fan that sucks in then circulates the air. And then as the air is moving through the filters, the pollutant and that particles are being captured while clean air is pushed back out.

What Do Air Purifiers Filter?

The reason why you have to regularly replace the filter is that the machine continually cleans the air that it pushes back to the room. But what do purifiers filter? Most of the filters used are designed to capture dust and pollen. But these are not the only pollution that needs to be filtered out. There are also gases that can be detrimental to humans, like VOCs. And for the air purifier to trap gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or radon, you need to add an adsorbent like activated carbon.

Health Benefits of Using Air Purifiers

Many air purifiers these days from the top brands that can remove 99.7% of airborne particulate matter or PM that might be circulating the air inside your home. You might not know this but remove the PM can have immediate long-term health benefits.

  • Relieves Asthma Symptoms. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 1 in every 12 people are dealing with asthma. This is when the bronchial tubes get inflamed when triggered by pet dander, dust, pollen, or anything that can irritate the airways and cause difficulty in breathing. There are air purifiers that are designed to filter smaller or larger particles and even certain gases that can cause asthma.
  • Eliminate Harmful Chemicals. Even when you always keep your windows and doors closed, that does not mean that external pollutants could not get inside. These gases are the ones emitted by high-motor vehicles – nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. And when exposed to these chemicals, they can increase risks for dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • Neutralize Indoor Odor. If you have guests coming over for dinner, you do not want to worry about the smoke or odour from the ingredients that you used for cooking. The air purifier can help you neutralize the odour indoors by absorbing the smell to make your home smell fresh and clean.

Air purifiers are good investments. Why? Simply because you are also investing in your health. So if you want to enjoy the long-term benefits that air purifiers can give you, then it is time to take a look at your options and find one for your home soon.

June 2024

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