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Overwatch boost and its Services

Who will play with me and use my account?

We only assign high level players with all the Overwatch boost know-how. The people we rent are always high level. Our renters are experienced players who are highly trusted in the FPS world. You won’t be disappointed by them. We do a full background check before contacting you.

Do you want to play in pairs or at our expense?

It depends on your preference. We can choose to play as a team with experienced participants, or we can play at your expense if you prefer. The main difference is that by playing on your account, you usually increase it faster and you can do it even while sleeping or working.

What is the win guarantee and refund policy?

The winning percentage on games with 5 investments is 60% and we guarantee a minimum of 3 wins. If you fall below this percentage, rest assured that we will give you an additional 3 NET wins for free after you take your position. If you are interested in less interesting video games, don’t worry because what we offer is real and you can try our guaranteed win commission for them right here.

choose Overwatch boost and its Services

  1. Games – no guaranteed winnings
  2. Games – no guaranteed win
  3. Games – 1 win guaranteed
  4. Video games – 2 wins guaranteed
  5. games – 3 guaranteed wins

How long does it take to boost?

The amount of your Overwatch boost is determined by the service you choose. With a Overwatch boost, you can start right away. You can also double the amount and start immediately. And if you have two extra players, we’ll try to make sure you always have someone available to play, so it’s up to you.

What happens after I make a purchase?

As soon as you purchase the service you need, our staff will start looking for someone to handle your order and assign it to that person.

Can I choose the character you will play for me during the reinforcement process?

Once you have chosen the Overwatch boost you want to play, you will have the option to order additional minutes. You can choose your own Overwatch boost. Customer satisfaction is an important factor for us.

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