Importance of user friendly website

How so ever good or well designed a website may be, if it’s not easy for the user to understand and go through; then there is no use of such kind of website. To make a meaningfully friendly website, there has to be some specific things in it. It includes certain factors. Let’s list these out:

Factors pertaining to a good website

The first and foremost thing one looks into is the appearance of the website. The visibility of the website should be so clear that a visitor should come again and again. It must be understood very well over here that these days a lot of time and money is spent on the visual design. So, while making a website you must ensure that it has a pleasing layout, easily accessible action buttons and icons which are nicely laid out.

The second thing which comes into foray is the functionality or the usage. That means when a reader clicks on a button on the website, it should work. Simply because a certain button is not working, he/she should not return back. One has to make sure that there are no broken lines, all the links are working properly, and loading of the homepage and the subsequent pages is being done properly and so on. The idea is to give easy access to the client visiting the website.

The navigation part which comes in association with the earlier part should be well calculated. This means the user should be able to see the navigation buttons easily. This means it should not be hidden in the header or footer. It should be in the centre so that even a naïve person can see it properly. This should include an easily located search box and a well functioning search engine.

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May 2024

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